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Control every detail of your Production for Animation, Live Action, Narrative or Non Narrative content.

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Dr. Sikandar Sidhu has an MFA from the University of Southern California in Film and Tv Production and his research includes the following subjects:

Similarities between the media created in America(1963-1976) and India(2005-2015) as a result of similar counter cultural movements in both the countries

Sikh Representation in Indian Cinema and the Mic representation of the Sikh Image

Women representation in Indian films and how it affects the perception of women in the Indian society.

How it works



Written 3 feature projects in addition to multiple series and short films.


Worked at Sony Pictures for VR/AR Research. USC VR/AR Research for over 5 years including Photogrammetry and Virtual Production.


Directed Commercials, Music videos, Virtual Reality Productions, YouTube Channels, Short films and Documentary films.


Published author at the age of 18 with a Fictional Fantasy novel which is currently optioned for a Series development.


Produced Commercials, Music Videos, Feature length Narrative feature, Short films, Virtual Reality Productions.


Helps run the Sardar Harbans Singh Charitable Trust in Punjab that helps children with medical expenses and education.


Sikandar Sidhu strongly believes in the power of diversity both in front of and behind the camera. After noticing there weren't that many options for South Asian actors in the industry, Sikandar decided to open a talent management company. Kailasa focusses on representing actors from the South Asian community, which has remained largely ignored even after making strong waves in the industry. With the tide turning very quickly, he understands the importance of the right guidance to help the actors realize their true potential.

Vision of 

the Future

Generating New

Original IP from India

Virtual Production

for Indian & Chinese Productions

Creating Research based Analysis for Content Generation

Exploring Opportunities in Cannabis world wide


Who is Dr. Sikandar Sidhu?

Dr. Sikandar Partap Singh Sidhu (M.D) is a film maker based in Los Angeles. Sikandar graduated from the University of Southern California, ranked number 1 film school on the planet with Masters in Film & Tv.

Sikandar's research includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality at Sony Pictures, Culver City. He has been involved in new media and Virtual Production research at USC since 2015.

Sikandar is a published author at the age of 16 with a fictional book that is currently being optioned for a Narrative Series adaptation. He was the youngest author of India at the time. He has written features, Tv series as well as directed shorts, commercials, Virtual reality productions as well as Augmented reality Installation experiences.

His research includes the comparisons of Counter culture movements in America (1965- 1977) and India (2005 - 2015) and how it impacted media creation. It further includes counter culture movements pf the next decade to predict the next wave of content creation and how it will effect the way we create franchise models and capitalize on merchandising.

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Dr. Sikandar Partap Singh Sidhu
M.D Medicine
MFA Film and Tv Production



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