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Kailasa aims to represent the best talent from the South Asian community as we believe in equal representation and we strive to work for diversity both off and on screen.


Demi Mann

Demi Mann is an International British Indian Film and Television Actress, who knows what chasing and working hard for your dreams is about. Born August 28 in Greenwich London, England she knew from a young age that she wanted to become an actress. Aswell as her native English she is fluent in Punjabi & Hindi. Demi has starred in Films, Television & Commercials. Demi grew up in London in the beautiful town Greenwich famously known where GMT is (Greenwich Mean Time). Demi took her first steps on the stage at her school plays in Greenwich and was fascinated with the world of film and cinema from Hollywood films to Bollywood films and knew this is the career she wanted to pursue. 

Demi is a classically trained actress having attended top schools including RADA (Royal Academy OF Dramatic Arts). Demi graduated from The University of The Arts London. She has starred in multiple Film, Television, Commercials, Short Films from playing the lead role in a BBC Commercial to starring in award winning Feature Film Frank and Ava & starring in T.V Series & Films. She is also been casted as the lead in a major Television Series playing the role of Carol Britton in Starblessed and a L.A.P.D Officer in Emergency: LA & just recently landed a lead role playing the role of Sanjana in a feature film. In her spare time Demi loves travelling, the outdoors, hiking, meditation, learning about different cultures, history, going to the beach and spending time with family. She is an Indian dancing exponent, and is known by her fans for her work and talent as an Actress & her creative content on Instagram.  


Puja Mazumder

Puja Mazumder is a Bangladeshi actress who believes in the strong potential of diversity on screen. Puja has been working as an actress and a voiceover artists in Los Angeles. 

Puja got her bachelors in Pharmacology but decided to peruse her dreams of acting. She has acted in short films, commercials, infomercials as well as theatrical plays. Puja starred in a Penguin publications book release trailer for the All my Rage.

Puja also starred as the lead in a play titled, 5G by Post Giraffe Productions.

She believes in taking on challenging roles that help change the perception of Bangladeshi women on screen. Puja is actively working to contribute to the growing cultural diversity of the country she comes from.  She wants to develop and participate in projects that depict women of color in a strong and defining roles that helps inspire young girls who want to grow up to be independent and proud of where they come from.

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