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Photo: Light

Gamma: to draw

Metron: to measure

It is a technique to obtain reliable spacial information about physical objects and environment through the process of recording, measuring and interpreting image data.

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SCA Courtyard Experience at USC

Dr. Sikandar Sidhu was involved with the University of Southern California Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality research. While at USC he created a SCA Courtyard experience using the iconic SCA Courtyard.

Dr. Sidhu was able to exhibit the technology that can be used to develop Photogrammetry as a platform. Using this example he was able to find funding for a larger vision that he is working on currently.

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Photogrammetry Applications

From the recent use of Photogrammetry on the sets of Mandelorian we have started seeing the true potential of this technology. 

With the spread of Virtual Production we expect to see more applications of this technology.

Dr. Sikandar Sidhu has been working on Photogrammetry research for the past 4 years that also includes the use of Light field rendering.

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With the constant advancement in hardware technology we have started to see real time uses of Photogrammetry such as in Archaeological, Educational and their application sin media creation.

However even with the current capabilities we can only scratch the surface of what this technology can achieve in the next decade. We still are catching up to the hardware support needed for this technology.

Currently we have to decimate the models down by over 90% in order to be able to work with them inside the Virtual Space. But within the next 3 years we should be able to successfully interact as well as use these models for Virtual Productions.

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As with Virtual Production, we are continuing to use Gaming Engines for media creation. As this collaboration continues to improve the integration system, we expect to see collaboration in asset development as well.

In addition to asset development we also expect to be able to use common backgrounds using the photogrammetry techniques. So if an object is scanned once for a Movie production, we do not need to capture it again for the development of the game or the VR/AR experiences. We can recycle the same materials 

Dr. Sidhu is working towards getting a mass scanning pilot program that can be used for a licensing opportunity for major studios around the world. Especially with the growth of 'In House Filming', we expect to see an explosion of cross platform asset acquisitions.


Photogrammetry is a new but exciting research project that has endless applications. With the hardware getting better and with continuous advancement of tech for VR and AR, we expect the applications to grow.

Dr. Sidhu is always excited about the new possibilities and loves to be involved in problem solving capacity. We can help solve a lot of content creation problems by running the workflow through a gaming engines using the assets acquired by photogrammetry so it never hurts to connect and find out more.


Buddy is a VR Travel experience designed for the people who love to travel. With the built in features that let you interact with the locations, it offers customers ability to learn and make informed choices for their travel plans.

One of the best applications of this technology is as an add on for Flights. Dr. Sidhu aims at building a complete VR travel platform for in air passengers.

With a built in Kids feature, parents can now let the little ones explore the destinations they are headed to ahead of time. This helps kids choose what activities they want to participate in and gives the parents an option to review them and pay for them all from the comfort of their seats before even landing.

Dr. Sidhu believes this will be an excellent advertising opportunity by acquiring the customer base in the air before the competition even gets a chance to catch their attention.

Vr Travel Buddy-1.png
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Vr Travel Buddy-3.png
Vr Travel Buddy-4.png
Vr Travel Buddy-5.png
Vr Travel Buddy-6.png
Vr Travel Buddy-7.png
Vr Travel Buddy-8.png
Vr Travel Buddy-9.png
Vr Travel Buddy-10.png
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Kumari Kandam

Tamil: குமரிக்கண்டம்

Research suggests that a vast civilization flourished 20,000 years ago in the Southern Indian continent only to be lost due to tectonic shift and the sudden water level rise that flooded the continent of Kumari Kandam.


The Cave is a multi- faceted project to bring this civilization to life through VR recreations, documentary research and ultimately, story lines for projects across multiple platforms. This document focuses on the VR recreation centered around a cave in the city of temples.

The Cave - World Bible-11.png
The Cave - World Bible-13.png
The Cave - World Bible-7.png
The Cave - World Bible-9.png
The Cave - World Bible-17.png
The Cave - World Bible-15.png
The Cave - World Bible-1.png
The Cave - World Bible-12.png
The Cave - World Bible-32.png
The Cave - World Bible-8.png
The Cave - World Bible-10.png
The Cave - World Bible-16.png
The Cave - World Bible-18.png
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